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some of my favorites for you + your business

With two decades of growing small businesses, we've created a curated list of tools that make small & independent business life better!



01 Books

The 10X Rule 

by Grant Cardone

One of the most motivating books on achieving success, it's a read you don't want to miss.

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02 Books

You Are A Badass

by Jen Sincero

Jen's book helps you find your own personal inner strength, an entrepreneur's must have.

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03 Books

Rocket Fuel 

by Gino Wickman & Mark Winters

The read for business visionaries, & business integrators. 

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04 Books

Atomic Habits 

by James Clear

Learn how to form a life of good habits, it's a great way to keep your focus.

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05 Books



We love having blank journals at the ready to keep track of your best ideas.  One of many Favs.

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06 Books


by Jonah Berger

Why things catch on.  This read focuses on creating buzz and growing via word of mouth.

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01 Tools

Apple Pencil 


As a designer, the apple pencil was a game changer. A must for creative business owners.

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02 Tools

Label Printer


This was the very first huge time saving purchase when launching. Worth the cost in saving time.

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03 Tools

Tripod & Circle Light


Make your business life easier with this combo tool.

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01 Favs



I might be obsessed.  The vibrant colors make your handwritten notes to clients a standout.

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02 Favs

Tea Kettle


Tea get's me through the mornings.  And a great tea kettle makes the perfect pot.

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03 Favs

Espresso Maker


For the afternoons, the very best way to make a perfect espresso. Like a reward for hard work.

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